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Guy who speaks Spanish and a basic English language seeks host family to become an Au Pair in Paris, or in the suburbs of Paris

Dear family,
My name is Bryan, i am 19 years old and i am of Colombian nationality. i lived in Bogota until a few months ago, i undertook a trip to Europe, to acquire magnificent experiences to grow more as a human being and in a professional way. i love the family atmosphere, cooking, dancing and animals. i like to be learning new things all the time, i enjoy working with children and adults. i am very respectful, charismatic, kind, loyal, flexible and loving, of course. i am currently looking for an experience as an Au Pair in France, to begin studying French from a warmer and quieter environment as is that of a home.
i am a boy who loves to be in contact with respectful, kind, loyal and of course loving people. i have worked taking care of children in the various places i have lived in my native country, i do this because i really enjoy it, i love learning how much and rewarding the children have to teach us, i have also taken care of my generation of young children in my family, i have approximately 4 years of experience taking care of children between 3-14 years of age. To perform this task you have to have a lot of patience, vocation and being a bit recursive when creating plans with the little ones, i consider that i am pretty good in each pillar of these.
i love dancing salsa, cooking, reading, writing, traveling, sharing at meals, celebrating special dates, sharing a cup of coffee or chocolate in the evenings or evenings, i usually exercise frequently. i do not have any diet, but if i try to eat a little healthy, i also do not suffer from any type of allergies, i like to socialize and be laughing. i would like to have a close contact with the family in most of the time, i also want to take time to study and for myself.
My strengths doing work as an Au Pair, is that i am good with organization, cleanliness, cooking if required, creativity when making plans with children, i have the ability to learn very fast, and i have the vocation to try very good with adults and children. My weaknesses are always that i find it difficult to get up at dawn ; and maybe when programming tasks, that's why i always like to write everything down.
My family is very small, My mother is 55 years old, she is a nurse, she loves sea food, healthy diets and her green games ; She is very patient, respectful, loyal and loving ; she has too much vocation to work with children, she has 36 years of experience in nursing, a lot. My brother is 30 years old, he is a doctor by profession, business coach and investor by lifestyle, loves warm weather and goes to the beach a lot, is very gentlemanly, respectful, kind and charismatic ; Father i have not since the age of 3 years old, it is a subject of which i do not like to speak, i hope you consider it.
Apart from my work taking care of children, i am very good with Digital Marketing, i am currently a student of English and also in an investment academy and operate in stock markets (online)
My native language is Spanish, i do not speak English yet but i mostly understand it, i want to start studying intensive French, i am very open to change, i have no problem in changing life habits.
The reason why i decided to make a decision to be an Au Pair is the pleasure of making an adventure in another country in a family environment, which i really value, to start studying French from a warmer and more peaceful environment like a home. i am really excited about this opportunity, i know that living with your children and with you, in a different country like France, will increase my personal experience and i will learn a lot. Likewise, i would love to be part of your family. i really like French culture, i would love to start this adventure with you, i am currently in Spain, but with availability to go to France very soon, i hope to be able to communicate very soon with you, thanks for taking the time to read my message, good day !
All the best,

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Langue maternelle : espagnol
Langue(s) étudiée(s) : anglais
Pays d'accueil souhaité(s) : France
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