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publiée le 27/09/2021

Au pair available

My name is Luana, I'm 27 years old and I've worked with children for 6+ years as a nanny and i would be happy to provide references.
I'd like to think i am a friendly person, communicative, responsible, easygoing, organized and honest. i am an only child, but my family is actually pretty big, i grow up really close to my cousins, we would to go to school together, travel and go to swimming class.
I've tried a few diferents activites in my life swimming, dancing (even if i am not really good at it), cycling, camping, crossfit, boxing and running, and this last one is definitely the one i enjoy the most.
Besides portuguese, i speak English, which i studied for three years in Brazil and then for three months in New Zealand. In 2016 i started a French course but my french is pretty basic.
a few years ago i had my first experience abroad, i went to New Zealand to study english. For trhee months i lived with a Kiwi family and made friends from all over the world. That was amazing and since then i decided that i would do that again, would live abroad and live a full new experience with another family. i found out about the au pair program two years ago and i feeling really positive about this new chapter.
i expect a year of growth and wisdom. Being part of a new family with a diferent culture can be a chalange but i hope we can make this, a great year, togheter.

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Infos complémentaires
Langue maternelle : portugais
Langue(s) étudiée(s) : anglais ou français
Pays d'accueil souhaité(s) : France
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